Window cleaning at height

If the height of the building does not exceed 40 meters, we recommend using the method of laundering from the ground (up to 26 m) and by means of a crane (more than 26 m). Even old dirt is thoroughly washed away with a washer on a long telescope using warm water. Washed windows are free of stains and residues of sediment. There are no dry spots on them, because we use filtered water – demineralized. Washing takes place without detergents – the exception is heavy soiling, which are locally treated with chemicals.

The advantages of our work are competitive price, speed of order fulfillment and safety of work.

In addition to windows, we also clean smooth surfaces, glass facades, trapezoidal sheet metal and other materials. In addition, we can thoroughly clean siding and advertising elements (plastic, canvas).

The scope of work includes window cleaning with frames, hard-to-reach places, washing glass facades, roofs and skylights, washing siding and billboards.

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