Importance of Getting Vaccinated for Pneumonia

While getting vaccinated for pneumonia does not guarantee you of immunity, it significantly lowers your chances of catching the disease. Pneumonia is a lung infection which causes breathing difficulties. Even if you do suffer pneumonia after taking a vaccine, you are likely to have a much milder case of the disease than someone who has not been vaccinated for pneumonia. The disease is most common among people with weakened immune systems and with health problems and older adults. Here is why you need to get a pneumonia vaccine today if you already have not got one.

Who needs a pneumonia vaccine?
As mentioned before, older adults, people with health problems, and people with weakened immune systems need to get vaccinated for pneumonia to minimize the risk of the onset of the disease. Here are a few others who should ensure to get vaccinated for pneumonia:

  • Chain smokers – The small hairs that line the inner wall of the lungs are damaged over time due to excessive smoking. These hair filter out germs in the lungs. When these hairs are damaged, they could become useless. It is essential that you get a pneumonia vaccine if you happen to be a chain smoker.
  • Heavy drinkers – The white blood cells do not work as effectively in weakened immune systems as they do in healthy ones. Drinking heavily over time effects the immune systems and weakens it considerably.

When to get a pneumonia vaccine
While there is a season to catch a flu, there is no such season for pneumonia. It is up to your doctor to decide on a time to get the vaccine as it can be done at any time of the year. You can also get both vaccines at the same time provided that you get vaccinated for flu on one arm and the pneumonia vaccine on the other arm.

Who does not need a pneumonia vaccine?
As mentioned before, those with considerably weakened immune systems and compromised health need to get vaccinated for pneumonia. Healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 64 years can skip the vaccine if they do not drink or smoke or indulge in any activity which could increase their risk of developing pneumonia.

While getting a vaccine for pneumonia is not mandatory, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can pay a visit to your doctor and set up an appointment to get vaccinated if you have not.